Marketing, Business Development, Event Coordinator


This new position is responsible and accountable for developing, planning, coordinating, marketing, and hosting on-site events at our office (i.e. The DECIPHER™ Theater) as well as off-site events. This position reports directly to the CEO and will involve building relationships with the analytics community, industry executives, business partners, and marketing channel representatives. This position will be adept at email communication, telephone dialogue, one-on-on personal communication, social media, CRM, lead generation, client relations, and evolving strategic partnerships in order to ensure our events and business development initiatives are consistent with Competitive Analytics’ vision, strategies, and objectives.

Required Submittals for Consideration

  1. Cover Letter

  2. Resume

  3. Click Here to complete our quick 5 minute interview questionnaire

Key Responsibilities

Develop and manage unique and powerful events and business development initiatives.

Monitor the ongoing success of event planning activities based on performance metrics, conducting regular checks on the process and making recommendations for adjustments to the plans. This includes support to lead collection process specific to events, including lead qualification, distribution, tracking and analysis.

Draft, finalize, and coordinate event agendas which may include identifying and confirming speakers, content, food & beverage, etc.

Design event collateral such as email invites, reminders, Eventbrite postings, etc.

Attend and network at local industry events.

Generate leads from customer referrals.

Potentially soft-qualify leads.

Book appointments with various decision makers at all levels.

Act as primary event host/greeter

Act as liaison between guests and analysts

Conduct follow up with guests and build/maintain relationships.

Provide customer service for clients and partners.

Assist with maintaining client relations via phone and email communication

Run and manage events.

Assist in the development and posting of content for social media.

Assist in updating marketing content and blogs on website.

Assist in organizing User Group meetings and other professional events.

Manage CRM.

Complete various administrative tasks.


Excellent communication skills (written and verbal).

Extremely detail oriented to ensure accuracy and quality across all tasks.

Excellent people skills.

Creative problem solving.

Detail to Appearance; dress in a professional manner.

Must be flexible and willing to work extra time during busy times.

Must demonstrate a can-do attitude.

Experience of working within a demanding fast-paced environment to very high standards.

Must be able to complete tasks thoroughly and accurately, sometimes with little direction.

Ability to read and interpret various documents.

Ability to speak effectively among executives, clients, customers, and employees.

Ability to resolve complex problems independently and perform tasks that are diverse and advanced.

High level of interpersonal skills to interact with guests and executives.

Ability to problem solve and follow through on a variety of tasks.

Ability to work on business and personal items interchangeably.

Demonstrate highest level of ethics and ability to maintain confidentiality at all times with all situations and documentation.

Must have reliable automobile with adequate auto insurance and good driving record.

Consistently develop new ideas

Network throughout various community channels to increase awareness of events and Competitive Analytics

Familiarity and/or Expertise Preferred (or desire to learn quickly)

Mac OS

Mac Keynote and Pages


Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint

Adobe Illustrator

Interviewing/Face to Face Customer Service

Client Relations

Business Development

Email Campaigns

Core Competencies

Ethics. Works with integrity; Upholds organizational values.

Dependability. Follows instructions, responds to management direction; results oriented and committed to achieving objectives and tasks as required.

Teamwork and Collaboration. Exhibits objectivity and openness to others views; Gives and welcomes feedback; Contributes to building a positive team spirit. Communicates effectively.

Professionalism. approaches others in a tactful manner; Reacts well under pressure; Treats others with respect and consideration; Accepts responsibility for own actions.

Organizational Support. Follows policies and procedures; Completes tasks correctly and on time; Supports organization’s goals and values.

Quality Management. Looks for ways to improve and promote quality; Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness.

Negotiation. Analyzes each situation, looking for opportunities to make any situation more beneficial for the company. Participates effectively in communication to achieve optimum results.


Competitive Analytics offers highly competitive compensation (full time, part time, or contract) based on experience, talent, skill, expertise, knowledge, proven capabilities, and potential capabilities.

Internship Opportunities

If you do not meet the experience and/or expertise required for this position yet are still highly motivated and passionate about this position, Competitive Analytics offers internship opportunities on a case by case basis. If interested, please inquire about our paid and unpaid internship programs.

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