Visitor Policy

620 Newport Center Drive, Suite 1100, Newport Beach, California 92660 USA

All non-employees of Competitive Analytics (i.e. visitors, user group members, consultants, software vendors, presenters, etc.) that enter our offices agree to all of the following conditions:

1. No Alcoholic Beverages. The consumption, purchase, or possession of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.

2. No Smoking. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside or near the entrances of our facilities.

3. Business Attire. Appropriate business or business casual attire is required.

4. Professional Conduct. Any visitor deemed a nuisance due to fowl language, unprofessional behavior, physical damage to property or persons, causing discomfort to others, etc. will be immediately escorted off the premises.

5. No photographs or recordings. The use of cameras, camera phones, video devices, or audio/video recording devices of any kind is strictly prohibited.

6. No Marketing or Selling. Non-employees of Competitive Analytics (i.e. employees of other firms, consultants, presenters, audience members, visitors, software vendors, etc.) are strictly prohibited from conducting any marketing or selling of products or services inside (or in front of) the Competitive Analytics offices.

7. No Presentation of Products or Services. Outside presenters (i.e. non-employees of Competitive Analytics) are strictly prohibited from presenting or communicating any content that is perceived as marketing or selling of their products and/or services inside (or in front of) the Competitive Analytics offices.

8. No Marketing Materials. Marketing materials (including, but not limited to signs, brochures, presentation slides, software, audio, video, giveaways, etc.) of any kind by non-employees of Competitive Analytics are strictly prohibited inside (or in front of) the Competitive Analytics offices.

9. Marketing Exceptions. Exceptions to #6, #7, and/or #8 above will be granted on a case by case basis. Any such exceptions must include a specific written agreement by Competitive Analytics.