Why Us?

Because We Deliver

Track Record of Excellence

From Fortune 100 to SMB, Competitive Analytics delivers big data, advanced analytics, and business intelligence solutions with the ultimate objective of maximizing our client’s key performance indicators. Since our founding in 2000, we’ve completed more than 2,000 highly successful BI and analytics projects across a spectrum of industries. For the private sector, we deliver Return On Analytics (ROA) well above 500%. For government clients, we help officials at the city, county, and state level significantly improve operations as well as enhance the quality of life of their residents.

Accuracy = Better Decisions

Our clients make confident decisions because our robust proprietary analytics process results in significantly higher levels of accuracy. We deploy the most rigorous data science methodologies, machine learning processes, innovative econometric processes, robust mathematical techniques, and comprehensive ensemble modeling techniques available. Bottom Line: Our clients have the supreme confidence to rely on the highest accuracy available, lowest margins of error possible, and insightful findings that are truly actionable.

Powerful Dashboards = Faster Decisions

Our clients make faster decisions because our expertise and experience is both deep and broad which allow us to develop powerful yet user friendly decision tools such as our interactive what-if dashboards. Moreover, we have the unique analytics expertise and multi-industry experience to help you answer your toughest and most complex questions faster than anyone else. Bottom Line: Our analytics dashboards empower our clients to answer complex questions in 10 seconds or less!

Advanced Analytics = More Profitable Decisions

Unlike the avalanche of consultants, IT programmers, and analysts that offer information you can’t actually use, we deliver actionable data-driven solutions. Bottom Line: Our advanced analytics and proprietary processes empowers us to answer all your questions and complete your toughest projects. How? By deciphering your data at the most granular level while perpetually analyzing the oceans of macroeconomic data, microeconomic data, demographic data, and psychometric data. This uncompromising and herculean process allows us to unearth findings that drives true business insight your competitors will not have. And thus, business intelligence your competitors do not have equates to competitive advantage and higher profits.

We Make X Happen

At the core of our unparalleled success is a simple fact . . . we get the job done. Period. We realize you have important projects and analytics initiatives that need to be successfully completed within a specific time frame, and whatever it is, we make it happen. In 16 years, we never missed a client deadline and have been paid 100% of all invoices sent. This phenomenal and unblemished record is a testament that Competitive Analytics exceeds our clients' expectations, delivers a value that is often at least 10 times greater than the fees we charge, and empowers our clients with new and valuable insight in order to make better and faster decisions. Simply, we make it happen.

Economics first, then analytics

In the world of business intelligence, big data, and analytics, the majority of experts hail from IT and software programming . . . and not surprisingly, myopically believe that business objectives can and should be solved by coding. According to one report: “The rule of thumb is 100 percent of the Big Data projects go over schedule, 100 percent go over budget, and half of them fail. There are a number of causes for the high failure rate of Big Data projects. Three of the most common are: a) failure to operationalize data insights, b) inefficient tools and processes, and c) a lack of tie in to business goals.`` However, although these three issues are important, the single most obvious problem is that the analysts conducting big data and advanced analytics are not economists and market analysts. Why is this important? This is like having a data scientists and BI analysts who have little to no understanding of or experience in playing baseball attempt to analyze the game. And this is analogous to what is happening in big data and analytics. There are droves and droves of people ``getting into`` big data and analytics . . . but with very little understanding, knowledge, and experience in the fields that matter to business: macroeconomics, microeconomics, revenue management, demand/supply analytics, business strategy, business cycle analysis, sales and marketing, and finance. And this is Competitive Analytics' clear and unique advantage: We are economists, market analysts, and business strategists first . . . and our expertise in big data and advanced analytics is used as tools and processes to help our clients solve business objectives. This is quite different than software programmers who know how to design pretty dashboards, yet have no idea about price elasticity, revenue optimization, demand/supply modeling, product segmentation optimization, consumer behavior, marketing optimization, human resource optimization, and operations optimization. Simply, a deep and experiential knowledge of how the economy, industries, business, and competition work, coupled with expert knowledge of best-in-class software is a far more successful approach than believing IT guys and software coders can understand your business. For more information about Competitive Analytics, please visit http://competitiveanalytics.com/


Need more reasons?

We don’t simply rely on our technology to analyze your data.

Business Centric Focus

We are first and foremost economists, market analysts, and business strategists with experience that merges your specific business objectives with custom business intelligence (BI) solutions. We focus on your business needs and profit maximization strategy first . . . then apply the right technology to accomplish your BI objectives. Often times, business intelligence projects fail because BI becomes a servant to IT. Rather than focusing on IT first, our solution makes IT merely a servant to BI, creating a successful business-centric approach and solution.

Custom Solutions

We employ an extremely rigorous and innovative analytical approach that has proven to be highly accurate and effective. Our robust methodology is reinforced by our culture of creative thinking. A one-size-fits-all approach to business intelligence does not recognize the nuances of each business and leaves money on the table. Our custom solutions focus on the unique needs of an organization, allowing our clients to build their own perfect BI solution. Our culture has evolved around this concept of customization, and we inject the creativity and out-of-the-box thinking required to deliver custom analytics into everything we do.

Cross-Industry Expertise

Because we have worked with a cross-section of industries, we deliver innovative data insights and solutions that combine the strength of what works within your business and industry with the strengths of what works within other businesses and industries. It is often our cross industry expertise that enables us to solve complex problems which others can’t.

Full Service Solutions

DECIPHER™ is our full service business intelligence platform. We guide our clients through a comprehensive BI process that covers all nine functions of a successful business intelligence solution. The results are presented via custom interactive dashboards, reports, and scorecards so that you can quickly and easily make data-driven business decisions. Throughout the entire process, we deliver actionable insights along with practical advice on how these data insights can be integrated into your business to increase profit.

Immediate Deliverables

We provide you with analytical findings and interactive dashboards almost immediately as soon as you become a client. Often times, firms will take months to provide deliverables that allow actionable decision making. Contrastingly, we are able to help you address your most immediate questions as soon as you ask them, eliminating large opportunity costs associated with waiting for answers.

24/7/365 Customer Service

We are passionate about providing the best data analytics for your needs. Because we know each company, project, and goal is different, our proprietary data analytical tools, innovative methodologies, and strategic processes allow for exact customization to your specific business needs. We deliver a Nordstromesque, full service, and comprehensive BI service and solution so that we are with you every step of the way . . . 24/7/365.