Dashboarding & Reporting

Timely, accurate, interactive, and actionable answers

What are BI Dashboards?

TechTarget defines BI Dashboards as, “a data visualization tool that displays the current status of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for an enterprise. Dashboards consolidate and arrange numbers, metrics and sometimes performance scorecards on a single screen. They may be tailored for a specific role and display metrics targeted for a single point of view or department. The essential features of a BI dashboard product include a customizable interface and the ability to pull real-time data from multiple sources.”

Why do I need Dashboarding and Reporting?

In essence, in today’s competitive market, organizations require analytics to make optimized decisions. Although a certain level of intuition and experience is also required, analytics are the lifeblood of successful organizations. In order to effectively and efficiently utilize the data available, C-Suite and other executive decision makers need to easily visualize the data in a way that enables them to make immediate decisions. Business intelligence dashboards and reports combine multiple views of data, highlight and filter data in order to display vital relationships, integrate multiple insights to create a “guided story” to understand the “why” of your data, and more, in order to assist decision makers with creating a strategic go-forward plan for their organization.

Why choose Competitive Analytics for my Dashboarding and Reporting?

Competitive Analytics builds executive dashboards and develops advanced reports using cutting-edge visualization tools within Tableau. Our easy-to-read dashboards are timely, accurate, interactive, and actionable, allowing executives to feel confident in the decisions being made. Executives are able to answer important questions immediately though the interactive functionality of our dashboards, eliminating the time-consuming hassle of waiting for standard, one-off reports to be produced. Interactivity gives the ability to “play” with the data, alter assumptions, and create best- and worst-case scenarios to ensure the most strategic decisions are being made. Through Competitive Analytics’ dashboards and reports, executives can discover insights immediately.