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About NetSuite

NetSuite is a leader in delivering embedded analytics enabling users to make critical decisions and gain meaningful insight into company performance. SuiteAnalytics grants users flexibility to create Saved Searches and Reports enabling them to answer questions on what is happening in their business. SuiteAnalytics is designed so that even inexperienced users can perform complex data analytics tasks. Users can easily and securely explore their data and create complex criteria filters with real-time visualizations. Data can be further analyzed using pivot and chart capabilities, with simple drag and drop interactions. Workbooks can also be saved, shared, reused and content can easily be deployed on NetSuite dashboards as portlets.

How Does Competitive Analytics Add Value to NetSuite Users?

If your organization deploys NetSuite - or will be installing NetSuite - Competitive Analytics can help you leverage your NetSuite ecosystem of databases by integrating the power of advanced analytics. By collaborating with Competitive Analytics, we will: a) develop seamless connectivity to your NetSuite databases (not an easy task!); b) conduct comprehensive data preparation so you have a single source of truth!; c) design robust modeling tables that are the often forgotten precursor for conducting advanced analytics; d) perform complex variable transformations in order to decipher hidden relationships within your data; e) enrich your existing internal data with contextual external data - we have over one million clean external time series drivers encapsulating the universe of macroeconomic indicators, microeconomics indicators, demographics, etc.; f) design beautiful and powerful interactive dashboards via desktop and any mobile device. We also empower NetSuite users to consume their data on any analytics platform they wish. Competitive Analytics will also customize and automate any report imaginable from your NetSuite ecosystem - from presentation-ready executive summaries to complex multi drill-down/drill-across dashboards. Moreover, we’ll also transform your NetSuite data into robust what-if predictive analytics dashboards that will empower NetSuite users to enhance your view of the future! NetSuite users will also have the flexibility to analyze their data in common platforms such as Excel, Tableau, and PowerBI. For more information about how Competitive Analytics can maximize your NetSuite data by integrating truly advanced analytics, contact us by clicking here. Or call us at 714-660-2799.