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David is a close friend of mine who is running a kick-ass big data analytics company down in SoCal called “Competitive Analytics”. David started doing big data analytics before anyone called it any of those things, and has been expanding ever since.

Phil Vahey, Ph.D., Director of Mathematics Learning Systems, SRI International

I mentioned you and described you as the most brilliant man I know of in that field and who also has a great personality - I literally said just that. Of course, I meant it whole-heartedly, too.

Michael Brown, Division Vice President, Camden Property Trust

Thank you for coming to our office today to give a demo on your models. My group was universally impressed. We would like to talk with you about doing some specific work on two of our development projects.

Mark Janda, Senior Vice President - Development, AvalonBay Communities

Over the last number of years we've had an opportunity to work with Competitive Analytics and we've watched them develop both qualitative and quantitative forecasts specific to our apartment industry. We have an extreme level of confidence and have come to rely on Competitive Analytics as we integrate their statistical data into our forecasts and annual strategic planning for our clients.

Laura Khouri, President, Western National Property Management

The consultants/company we are working with is Competitive Analytics. I would reach out to David Savlowitz, he is the CEO and extremely bright. They really helped us get a jump start with Alteryx and Tableau. They also host the user groups for both of the products. Highly recommend attending.

Brittany Brickweg, Supply Chain Analyst, Toyota Motor Sales

You guys did an amazing job of distilling relationships out of that ocean of data, and hitting the forecast perfectly.

Dominic de Anda Fast, Senior Project Manager, VIZIO

Thanks for making ME look so good for bringing you guys in.

Cathy Bridges, Sr. Merchandising Analyst, Motorcar Parts of America

We appreciated the in-depth outlook for the general economy and apartment market. Pretty amazing amounts of data being input into your model and excellent results from last year's projections.

Rob Jacobson, Director of Treasury & Risk Management, Irvine Ranch Water District

I saw a copy of your “Creative Analytics” piece laying around the office and checked it out – extremely enlightening! I really liked how you depict the analyst as more than just thinkers and number crunchers. They’re artists, innovators, feelers, inventors and innovators. All too often decision makers fall victim to promises of an IT staff that feigns an understanding of the business– economics, revenue management, competitive intelligence…ect. This piece cuts out the BS and exposes the real issues that plague businesses. I also like how you weave in pop-culture anecdotes to illustrate your points (Beatles, Coltrane, Moneyball). Every C-suite should read this… awesome stuff.

Blake Bennett, Commercial Account Executive, Alteryx

Since our Sales Executives were really pumped about your presentation, we would like to have you present again to our top R&D executives.

Hiroki Miyata, Product Planner, Power Sports Products Division, Honda R&D Americas, Inc

David Salvowitz is the CEO of Competitive Analytics and a highly respected and active Data Analyst and Developer focusing on Forecasting, Valuation and Market Research. His modeling is, bar none, the best I have seen and worth aligning with where appropriate for UCI in various capacities.

Michael Brown, Division Vice President, Camden Property Trust

Our relationship with Competitive Analytics goes back to more than 10 years ago. We've worked several projects with the wonderful team here and to say it shortly they have saved us a lot of money. Every project that we've worked with them on, their conclusions and the work that they put into it is more than impressive, it's well over our heads, and that's why we work with Competitive Analytics and expect to continue to work with them into the future whenever we have difficult decisions to make about where to put money, what our rents should be, and how to upgrade amenities. They have always come back with the right answers. The proof is in looking back, based on the decisions we made with the direction Competitive Analytics recommended. They have not been wrong yet and so we plan on continuing to work with this very fun team well into the future.

Rory Ferlauto, Vice President, Farwest Management Corporation

I got acquainted with Competitive Analytics about 7 years ago where they were giving a presentation for the California Apartment Association. I found out they do a lot of work for my peers in the industry and they came with very high recommendations. Some of the things that just really impressed me about their work was that they were just different than any of the other standard reports that we got. They think completely out of the box and they have so much information at their finger tips . . . and their model and modules that they have created just really do get down to the incredible analytics of a project.

Melinda Graham, Regional Vice President, Camden Property Trust

It's been a great privilege and lots of fun working with Competitive Analytics. Competitive Analytics takes big data, todays new buzz word, and puts it into common sense, solution based information. It allows the owner or property management company to make the best and wisest financial decisions. It's really been a great privilege working with them. They have helped our firm make really positive, good decisions as we plan for renovations within our portfolio.

Valerie Kunz, Portfolio Manager, E&S Ring Management Corporation

I want to speak to David's presentation skills. He has come into a few of the programs I have run in the past and he is one of the most dynamic speakers that I have brought in in the years I have been in the drug and alcohol treatment industry. He's clear, he's concise, he engages the audience with a charisma that is really alluring and so this skill that he brings is something that motivates clients. It motives people to want to make changes and to want to do big things and to really engage in the world in a way that's just more than about the work it's about a calling and a passion. This is a skill that is not seen often and it's something that David just has himself, it's factory equipment. It's one of the best I've seen.

Evan Miller, CEO, Akua Mind & Body

Competitive Analytics . . . we collaborate very well and they help me get my job done. What an awesome team to work with, it's a pleasure.

Jason Schulte, Financial Analyst, Western National Property Mangement

My experience with Competitive Analytics spans back at least ten years. I have had them work on market studies and specific projects and in all cases I have found them to be professional, accurate, and very involved in the project and in each case I have found increased value in my portfolio and the information that I have received has been nothing short of exemplary.

Michael Brown, Division Vice President, Camden Property Trust

We have been working with Competitive Analytics since the construction phase of our project in order to price our project appropriately when we opened in the fall of 2013. Competitive Analytics has been enormously helpful to us in many phases of our marketing and pricing activities and I am confident that they were instrumental in helping us lease up as quickly as we have.

David Levine, President, Shores

Competitive Analytics is the go to source for Big data and analysis. I have worked with them for over 10 years and they have a great team and are very forward thinking and add a lot of value to the analysis that we do.

Nicole Burdette, Senior Director, Business Strategies, Brookfield Residential

Local governments face an ongoing challenge because our expenses are rising faster than our revenues, so we have to be very strategic with how we use the funds available to us. Competitive Analytics has great tools that help us better understand our community, including demographics, the needs of our businesses, and the ongoing economic factors that influence how people spend their money. So having access to that information has helped us be sharper and more strategic in how we spend our resources.

Sheri Vander Dussen, Planning Director, City of Anaheim

We've been working with Competitive Analytics over the last ten years in trying to assist our clients in identifying products that would be more profitable for the clients. David's firm provides the marketing information and our firm evaluates the product that's being designed to determine how much it costs. In working together we're able to help our clients identify products that would be the most attractive and also the most profitable in the market place.

Barry Gross, President, Developers Research

Thanks for the refreshing view of data, showing us a new way of thinking about our data. I’ve enjoyed working in Tableau, but the additional detail you added really adds a new level of credibility to the information.

Doug Vos, Facility Manager, Toyota Motor Sales

I have just about recovered from the jet lag of the trip and wanted to take a moment to say how fascinated I am with the work that you do. It's a bit mind boggling to be truthful.

Mark Chan, Chief Operating Officer, Wincome Group

Thank you for the information which is of course so valuable.

Paul Sanford, Asset Manager, Avenue of the Arts Wyndham Hotel

I enjoyed your presentation last week. It was amazing how fast you could calculate the data. I hope your relationship with the MIC expands.

Mike Brunken, General Manager, Gart Sutton & Associates, Inc.

Very much enjoyed your talk at the MIC. As the media director of the digital ad agency servicing Yamaha, I’m very interested in our Analytics team getting exposed to what you’re doing for the MIC.

Gregory Huffstutter, Media Director, Huffstutter Consulting

Thanks again for digging into millions of data points and producing the great content in a 60 day time frame! You and your team were able to sum up a lot of questions we have had for years. As we begin to develop our 2015 plan we would like to sit down with you and your team to see if you could help shine a light on our array of data points we collect every day.

Ryan Keefe, Director of Marketing, National Powersport Auctions

I really enjoyed your presentation. I’d love to see our company work with you to include some marketing variables that they control to develop a predictive model. I’m sure you had a good breakout session with them, so it appears things are moving in that direction. Thanks again for the insight.

Steve Mitchell, SVP Account Director, Dailey

We appreciate the time you spent sharing Competitive Analytics vast capabilities. We’re very impressed with the breadth and depth of your capabilities.

Randall C. Present, President & CEO, DHI Financial Services

I was thoroughly impressed with the presentation and can see firsthand why your firm’s work is so valuable in terms of providing your clients with great data points that help them make important business decisions. Much appreciated!

David Gershwin, Principal, David Gershwin Consulting

Since early 2000, Western National Property Management has engaged Competitive Analytics to assist in developing quantitative and qualitative forecasts specific to the Southern California apartment market, and to assist in forecasting strategic and tactical plans for our clients’ properties. The information garnered from this annual analysis is an integral component of our annual budgeting and business plan process. Due to the proven track record of Competitive Analytics with regard to our portfolio, we have come to rely on their insights and observations about the economic climate that directly impacts how we do business. Competitive Analytics is an intelligence firm that conducts comprehensive market research and precision analytics. They employ a myriad of innovative methodologies and technology to produce objective, evidence-based market knowledge to assist companies to reach higher levels of performance and profitability.

President, Western National Group

When I need comprehensive economic analysis, precision market research, and strategic advice with measurable results, I call David Savlowitz at Competitive Analytics. Competitive Analytics has completed an array of demand studies, pricing studies, forecasting, and qualitative research for our company; and on each and every occasion CA provided phenomenal deliverables that added much insight and value to our business.

Division President, KB Home

We use a company called Competitive Analytics to provide projections, trends and metrics based on the information from our own actual results as well as other companies. We have found that this firm is significantly more accurate than any of the other “Economic Forecast” that are done in Southern California.

Vice President, Business Development, Western National Group

Competitive Analytics’ approach and methodology is well beyond any firm we experienced. They utilize advanced mathematics and proprietary software in order to assist us with specifically identifying revenue maximization and product optimization. Needless to say, they were worth their fee.

Chief Financial Officer, Boeing Realty Corp.

A few weeks ago I sent our friends at Competitive Analytics our monthly report to import into a new iPad tool they created. WOW! It is amazing how they turned an almost impossible collection of data into an intuitive one with built-in analyzers for your iPad!

Director of Sales & Technology, NES Rentals

Simply stated, CA exceeded our expectations on all projects. With CA’s passion for accuracy, obsession with using the latest cutting-edge technology, and devotion to client service, I strongly recommend without hesitation the selection of CA as the top choice among market consultants in business today.

VP Sales and Marketing, SunCal Companies

Thank you again for presenting at our council meeting. We were all very impressed by you and your company’s service.

Executive Director, IREM Orange County

One of the high points of my job is from time to time having the good fortune to experience phenomenal business structures and intellectually driven individuals. You definitely fit both of these in spades.

General Manager, South Coast Plaza/C.J. Segerstrom

Insightful and inciteful . . . we appreciate your information and analysis. It is, bar none, consistently some of the best work I have seen.

Regional Vice President, Western National Group