Performance Analytics

Quantifiable insight so you can plan ahead with confidence.

What are Performance Analytics?

Performance analytics is the analysis of an organization’s performance indicators, such as ROI and other KPIs, what causes them to increase or decrease, and how your organization can improve and maximize performance. By analyzing key performance metrics, decision makers can clearly see where performance is lacking and how to make decisions to improve in certain areas. Competitive Analytics developed The Thousand Point Strength Index (TPSI), a proprietary market measurement tool built specifically for executives to understand, monitor, and make decisions based on comprehensive analysis of every driver affecting the future of their business. The TPSI is based on thousands of indicators and calculations via Competitive Analytics’ proprietary DECIPHER™ software, time series database, and research methodologies. The TPSI has the ability to track and forecast a near-infinite number of market indicators. The TPSI allows you to visualize, track, and forecast the strength, timing, and depth of peak-to-trough cycles of ANY trending data. It is the most comprehensive and precision-based strength index and market measurement tool available.

Executive Dashboards

The following dynamic executive dashboard delivers a fast and easy way for the C-Suite to view critical KPIs (key Performance Indicators) as well as EPIs (Key External Indicators). Note how this dashboard can drill down, up, and across to more granular and insightful information.


How The TPSI Works

The TPSI ranges from zero to 1000 where 500 is benchmarked as the mathematical stabilized equilibrium. Historical figures and forecasts above or below 500 reflect relative strength or weakness, respectively. Each index draws from multiple data sources, thousands of indicators, rigorous data screening and adjustment techniques, advanced mathematics, proprietary econometric modeling, and near-infinite customization options. This allows executives to evaluate exactly where they have been, where they are now, and where they want to be in the future based on a consistent, reliable, and comprehensive strength index, eliminating the complicated and time-consuming task of monitoring multiple performance indicators. Each index can be applied to a myriad of applications with stunning effectiveness.