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We bridge the gap between data and decisions.


Competitive Analytics was founded by David Savlowitz on Friday, January 21, 2000. David’s vision for transforming data into actionable business analytics for bottom line results has placed Competitive Analytics at the forefront of business intelligence. Our BI solutions have evolved and expanded over the years to encompass customized price optimization, advanced performance analytics, innovative demand forecasting, comprehensive market research, and all functions of the business intelligence process. Competitive Analytics’ business-centric approach and innovative, yet robust analytical methodologies have earned Competitive Analytics the privilege to collaborate with top-tier clients in a cross-section of industries throughout the United States.

Competitive Analytics’ deep passion and conviction for helping clients make data-driven decisions, coupled with our unparalleled enthusiasm for digging deep into the meaning of our client’s data, gives clients a high level of confidence in knowing they are truly in expert hands.

Traditionally, organizations have made decisions (such as pricing) based on intuition, emotion, and politics . . . and perhaps a smidgeon of data. This is changing as governments and businesses increasingly take advantage of the zettabytes of data perpetually available to them.

In essence, Competitive Analytics’ services help organizations make better, faster, and optimized decisions based on unvarnished facts using big data and deep analytics. For businesses, the end result is to maximize profits. For counties, cities, states, and the federal government, the end result is to maximize the impact of good policy and responsible planning in order to enhance the quality of life of their residents, employers, employees, visitors, suppliers, and partners.

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