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About Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a leading business intelligence platform that provides non-technical business users with tools to connect to, aggregate, analyze, visualize, and share their data. Its integration with other Microsoft products makes it a versatile self-serve tool requiring minimal amounts of training to get started. Power BI can help organizations dissect and draw insights from their data through custom dashboards and visualizations that can be shared across users or embedded in websites. By using Power BI, organizations can leverage the full potential of their data and make data-informed decisions.

How Does Competitive Analytics Add Value?

Competitive Analytics helps organizations visualize and understand their data by teaching analysts how to build meaningful visualizations, or simply by building them for you. Often, the complexities of building visualizations come from knowing the optimal structure of the data for visualization, and what visualizations are best suited for illustrating a data set. With our domain experience, we can help your organization transform your data and explore the most optimal visualizations to gain insight from your data.

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