Training & User Groups

Join us for training at the “Center for Analytics & BI Excellence”

What kind of training does Competitive Analytics offer?

Competitive Analytics offers training for beginner, intermediate, and advanced analysts who use Excel, Tableau, Alteryx, and other tools. This training can be a one-on-one, a small group, or a large group session.

Why do I need training?

With the rapid expansion of technology and influx of available data, analysts must have a student-like mentality and constantly be looking for new ways to learn in order to keep up with the curve. At Competitive Analytics, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of business intelligence and embrace new technologies, methodologies, and strategies as we discover them.

Why choose Competitive Analytics to train me?

Competitive Analytics realizes that some companies prefer to conduct analytics in-house and would like to implement self-serve analytics. Our goal is to help companies reach self-sufficiency by providing hands on, customized training sessions for all levels of analysts and executives. We want to empower your organization with the necessary skills and tools to make intelligent, informed, data-driven business decisions.