Decipher your data requirements and analytics priorities


Our proprietary diagnostic tool will decipher your needs and priorities for all things data and analytics.

STEP 1. Please email us the following to info@competitiveanalytics.com so we can authorize you and your computer to take our proprietary survey. 

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  • IP address (your IP address can be identified by simply entering “IP Address” into Google. Providing your IP address is a safe and secure option that Survey Monkey provides to publishers in order to regulate access to proprietary content.

STEP 2. After receiving above info, we will quickly send you back a password in order to access the following link. Your answers to this carefully designed survey will allow us to evaluate our fit as well as understand your analytics objectives. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/data_and_analytics_diagnostic

STEP 3. We will analyze your answers and respond back with the best path forward for you and your organization!