A Data Preparation Software Solution for Companies of All Sizes


The KNIME Analytics Platform is a leading open source solution for data-driven innovation. It is designed to allow users to transform and uncover the hidden potential in their data. This platform boosts the collaborative, productive and performance capabilities of organizations to the next level and has top of the line data mining and predictive capabilities, offering a robust range of open source, community extensions.

For over a decade, a diverse community of data scientists in over 60 countries have been using KNIME to work with all kinds of data: from numbers to images, molecules to humans, signals to complex networks, and simple statistics to big data analytics.

How Does Competitive Analytics Add Value?

Competitive Analytics helps organizations solve their data analytics needs, while allowing them to allocate resources towards development and saving software costs by using KNIME. Competitive Analytics can help organizations leverage KNIME’s capabilities by assisting in development of modules to solve the immediate needs of a project or team, and by using a myriad of traditional and customized approaches, we can deliver a solution tailored to the needs and timing of your organization.

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