Competitive Analytics’ Innovative Internship & Analyst Training Program


TESSERACT is Competitive Analytics’ program of developing students and analysts skills within data science and advanced analytics. Moreover, Tesseract is the a experiential program designed for undergraduate & graduate students. The name “tesseract” comes from the Greek meaning four rays (τέσσερεις ἀκτίνες), referring to the four mutually perpendicular directions on which it is based.

Tesseract offers four vital dimensions of knowledge and experiential enhancement for students passionate about learning and applying the next generation of analytical tools, methodologies, and technologies.

Tesseract’s “Four Dimensions of Knowledge and Experiential Enhancement” are an extremely comprehensive and complementary series of disciplines, that together, form the basis for a very powerful and competitive suite of transferrable skills that any individual can keep and perpetually use for the rest of their careers.

Specific transferrable skills include: Analytical Thinking, Lateral Thinking, Communicating, and Delivering. Contextually, we teach/train on the leading edge of BI, with such tools as Alteryx Software and Tableau Software as well as teach/train on working with Big Data and the BI Process.

Whether your field of interest lies in the arena of business, government, education, and/or non-profit, Tesseract will challenge you, push you, and evolve you – while imparting a suite of invaluable tools and knowledge bases you will not find anywhere else – tools and knowledge bases that any organization would find valuable to embrace.

If you are interested in participating in the TESSERACT program, contact us.