Speaking Testimonials


Words from the audience

 Your part of the presentation got people to pull their phones and hit the record button! Did not happen to the other presenters. Happy to buy a cup whenever.

Attendee, Tableau Software Presentation

I want to speak to David's presentation skills. He has come into a few of the programs I have run in the past and he is one of the most dynamic speakers that I have brought in in the years I have been in the drug and alcohol treatment industry. He's clear, he's concise, he engages the audience with a charisma that is really alluring and so this skill that he brings is something that motivates clients. It motives people to want to make changes and to want to do big things and to really engage in the world in a way that's just more than about the work it's about a calling and a passion. This is a skill that is not seen often and it's something that David just has himself, it's factory equipment. It's one of the best I've seen.

Evan Miller, CEO, Akua Mind & Body

Thank you for all the effort you put into hosting the different groups. You have a fantastic venue and we always leave a little smarter than when we arrived.

Marc Johnston, Chief Financial Officer, DIRECTavenue

I was quite fascinated by your presentation. I couldn’t help but wonder how we can use our internal data on students enrollment, completions rates, persistence rates, etc., and matched with external data of demographics, growing industries and occupations, salaries, other educational choices, etc., to determine the most advantageous educational programs to deliver that would have a strong correlation in growing our student enrollments and the college programs.

Israel S. Dominguez, Director of Economic & Workforce Development, Saddleback College

Your presentation was outstanding. Lots of positive feedback from chatting with attendees afterwards. Looking forward to working with you and your team again in the future.

Matt Petteruto, Vice President of Economic Development, Orange County Business Council

Thanks for a great session at OCTUG yesterday! You guys did a wonderful job keeping the audience engaged. I particularly liked the interactive poll in the beginning and also the Tableau demonstrations from Joe Mako. Charlie's session on BI Trends was also informative.

Faith Mercado Thomas, Director of Business Intelligence, Genesys

I found your presentation very interesting, concise, and useful. I highly appreciated that you included the slides pertaining to getting enough sleep and away from your computer; I couldn’t agree more! Beyond that, it spawned useful technique ideas I look forward to fostering.

Linda Oakes, Business Development Manager, First American Real Estate Disclosures

Thanks for the presentation yesterday...very interesting, professional and thought provoking!

Barney Page, South Coast Plaza

Enjoyable presentation. Loved the energy and insights!

Sue Duris, Marketing, M4 Communications

Hi David: Thank you so very much for the wonderful presentation. It was packed full of great info.

Exec MBA Candidate 2016

The presentation was a great overview from true professionals in the industry and superusers of Alteryx. The real life instances and method of approaching a problem comparisons were awesome and intriguing. It has further confirmed the value of Professor Pechmann's class and I am thankful I was able to hear from you.

Darren Endo, Finance & Human Resources Manager, University of California, Irvine Office of Admissions & Relations with Schools

Great presentation!

Diana da Costa, Vp of Membership, AMA

Great presentation!!! It really is impressive how you guys can tackle any business problem in any industry with your capabilities.

Remi Viada, Manager, Revenue Cycle Applications, MemorialCare Health System

Great presentation on the power of Alteryx. You guys are incredibly talented and intelligent and are offering amazing service. Thank you so much for taking the time to come and present to us.

Gabriela Vicente, Marketing Manager, Hanley Investment Group

The introduction was great. It really captured the attention of the entire class and gave a good broad overview of your company before we got into the details. What you guys are doing is cutting edge and it inspired everyone to create and innovate. Because of all the people in the World and the high competition, it is nice to hear hard work, innovation, and vision can still pay off. Thanks again!

Chris Maki, Boeing, Technical Illustrator

This is total related to what we've learned from this class and my self-interest. I love what your presentation gave out last night, and look for opportunity to attend one of your sponsored/organized events regarding Alteryx and analytics.

Kelly Lin, Marketing Specialist, Dahua Technology

David, I so enjoyed your authentic presentation at the MIC Symposium yesterday.

Jan Plessner, Powersports Industry Recruiter / Executive Headhunter, Henry Lonski and Associates, LLC

Very Impressive. Very Powerful. Extremely Useful.


Thank you again for your presentation. It was, as I have always come to observe, amazing and enlightening.

Michael Brown, Division Vice President, Camden Property Trust

It was amazing working with you this past week. I learned a lot! Thank you.

Steve Racelis, Regional VP of Admissions and Outreach, Fusion Academy

I very much enjoyed the program yesterday. You and your firm clearly have a handle on what is important in today’s environment.

Jim Harrigan

David, Really enjoyed your presentation.

Kevin Wagner, Director, Strategic Planning & Analysis, Irvine Company

It was a pleasure meeting you this morning at the Alteryx presentation you hosted at the DECIPHER Theater. I thought your unconventional approach to analytics was both refreshing and thought provoking. I would definitely be interested in learning more about the tools your company uses and about your own views on data analytics.

Henry T. Carlson, Data Analyst, Glidewell Dental

Your presentation was fabulous, and the audience was really engaged. Well done! So very impressive. Can't wait to see where this all leads. Congratulations on a job well done!!

Lee Durlach, Managing Director, Communications, Motorcycle Industry Council

Thank you again for presenting at our council meeting. We were all very impressed by you and your company’s service.

Executive Director, IREM Orange County

Hi David, Thank you for your presentation today, it was truly thought provoking.

Regional Vice President, Western National Group

Thanks for your presentation today. Very impressive and compelling. I am always amazed at the level of thought you all put into your data and modeling. I also was a bit amused at how you are going to tip the housing research industry on its head. You have an amazing opportunity in front of you.

President, Lifestory Research

I really enjoyed your presentation today regarding the Aspen Apartments and the overall spirited conversation in general. One of the high points of my job is from time to time having the good fortune to experience phenomenal business structures and intellectually driven individuals. You definitely fit both of these in spades. Thank you again for the opportunity to hear and see your very special analytical achievements.

David W. Grant, General Manager, South Coast Plaza/C.J. Segerstrom

Thank you for another informative forecast session. We find it provides an excellent perspective. Many thanks for the invaluable insights. Given the outstanding feedback from clients and caliber of your lecture, I would like to extend you through the next 6 months. Please let me know if you can accommodate.

Director, The Landing For Men of Newport Beach

David, Thanks again for a great presentation the other day!

Senior Underwriter, Walker & Dunlop

Really looking forward to your lecture. I’ll be informing clients of the lecture today and tomorrow, so they will be fired up about it!

Clinical Director of Extended Care, Sober Living By The Sea Treatment Centers

I need your passion and intellect, clients loved you! Nice job again on Wednesday. You are our favorite lecturer, by far. You’re slated for next Wednesday’s lecture 3/21 at 10:15. Clients are already buzzing about it.

Director, The Landing For Men of Newport Beach

Our clients are still buzzing about your lecture. They chewed up and spit out the lecturer yesterday (poor lady). That’s the thing about our clients especially – they will spot inauthenticity and spit you out. So we definitely need your presentation part II.

Clinical Director of Extended Care, Sober Living By The Sea Treatment Centers

Hello David, Thank you so much for a very informative session this morning, it certainly gives us a lot to think about. Below is my email address for receiving a copy of the presentation.

Vice President, Multifamily Ancillary Group

Thank you for your presentation at the council meeting. I found the data and filtering you are able to provide to your clients quite fascinating and eye opening!

Sr. Regional Manager, Mesa Management, Inc.

Thanks, David. Much appreciated. As always, the presentation was very informative and helpful.

Vice President Western Division, Camden Property Trust

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your awesome presentation today. I know its been a long road coming, and your vision and value is so critical to where we are going as a City. Again, great job to both you and Michael and I am excited to see this come to fruition!

Economic Development Manager, City of Ontario, CA

Many thanks to you and your stellar team for putting on an excellent program this morning.

President, Market-THINK, LLC

Great Program! The program this morning was one of my favorites. So interesting and entertaining too. Thanks so much. It was quite a hit!!!

Development Services Manager, Rancho Mission Viejo

Insightful and inciteful . . . we appreciate your information and analysis. It is, bar none, consistently some of the best work I have seen.

Regional Vice President, Western National Group

I enjoyed the demonstration. You have done an amazing job.

President, Fractional CFO

Thank you for lending us your expertise! You did a fantastic job; we are looking forward to having you back!!

Director, Sperry Van Ness

We were thoroughly impressed by the detailed, analytical presentation last week. You certainly gave us much to think about!

President, DeBeikes Investment Company

Yesterday’s presentation was outstanding and very valuable to my client and me. I liked the way you framed the presentation with the five themes and drilled down to highlight the supporting data and how it pertains to our business – and beyond.

President, Market-THINK, LLC

Thanks so much for coming!! You were fabulous!! I didn’t get much chance to chat with you, but I’m on the board of USC and have helped them set up 1 of their annual retreats- basically a 2.5 day conference in santa Barbara in may. I think you’d be a great addition 1 year.

Senior Vice President, Colliers International

I thought the presentation was excellent.

President, Developers Research

I just attended the Sperry Van Ness Investor’s Forum and very much enjoyed your presentation. Your ideas on valuing different fields and developing an interdisciplinary study of what is going on in today’s world is fascinating. Great job on your work and company.

Instructor of Fine Arts, The Raminfard School of Arts

Really enjoyed your presentation this morning and look forward to talking to you more in the future as we try to avoid the “falling knife”! We would definitely like to get your slides and see the list of books you suggested.

Founder, Partner, and VP of Business Development, STUHO

I wanted to take a minute and thank you for your lending your time, expertise and energy to last week’s Investor Forum. The feedback from our clients and agents has been overwhelmingly positive.

Vice President & Managing Director, Sperry Van Ness/Bluestone & Hockley

David, I have had the opportunity to speak with almost all of the 109 democrats who attended your address on March 31st. You will no doubt find my conclusions a statistical anomaly. 102 found your presentation stimulating & informative. Conclusion, the Club’s knowledge and awareness of how to be discriminating about the information they are exposed to was clearly delineated. Additionally, your presentation of U.S.political / economic history was presented in a non political bias way that was very convincing. We appreciate you taking the time to be here. P.S. several people said “you were the best speaker we’ve heard”

Joshua Denham, Sun City Democrats

I thought the presentation was excellent.

President, Developers Research

I think it is classic Savlowitz . . . brilliant, out-of-the-box thinking.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Shea Homes

Thanks for joining us at Temple Beth Shalom on Sunday. Your talk was most intriguing!

Director of Synergy, ThotSpots, Inc.

Great job on the new programs and presentation!

Principal, Saito & Associates

I thought the presentation was terrific. I definitely want to participate in a sub- tank.

Architect, Design Principal and Managing Partner, Oatman Architects, Inc.