Geospatial Analytics

Understand what is happening where with your business

What are Geospatial Analytics?

Geospatial analytics is the approach of utilizing statistical analysis and other informational techniques and methodologies with data which has a geographical or geospatial component. It provides analysis of what is happening where. Geospatial analytics allow decision makers to understand a desired geographic area better, empowering them to make smarter decisions.

Why Do I Need Geospatial Analytics?

Geospatial analytics is quickly becoming an essential requirement for analysts. There is vast value to be gained through geospatial analytics because of the growth of Big Data, huge increase in mobile consumers, expansion of marketing channels such as social media, and accessibility of other sources of location-based data. Geospatial techniques could include analyzing drive time, trade area, spatial matching, and point creation. Being able to view the insight gained through spatial analytics via mapping or visualization tools greatly empowers executives to effectively utilize the knowledge and make informed decisions.

Why Choose Competitive Analytics for my Geospatial Analytics Needs?

Competitive Analytics uses advanced tools and techniques to provide clients with spatial analysis. Coupled with innovative visualizations and interactive dashboards, Competitive Analytics provides unparalleled geospatial analytics which help decision makers answer their most sought after questions about what is really happening and where!