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Sales Development Representative

Searching for entrepreneurial-minded Sales Development Representative (SDR) for growing data-analytics company. Get in on ground floor as we develop our technology/data driven sales function. We are looking for a talented, energetic, passionate, and competitive Sales Development Representative (SDR) that thrives in an evolving sales cycle environment. As an SDR, this person will generate qualified sales opportunities via multiple inbound and outbound lead generation channels. SDR will play a vital role in achieving aggressive customer acquisition and revenue objectives. Must be comfortable and capable of managing a technology-centric and analytics-driven multi-channel pipeline, working with sales software, sending personalized emails, making personalized telephone calls, working with channel partners, generating interest, qualifying prospects, managing existing renewals, and scheduling meetings with our CEO. SDR will also experiment and establish prospecting strategies to uncover new business opportunities. Strong business acumen and the ability to quickly evaluate and diagnose a prospect’s business environment and needs and then communicate Competitive Analytics’ differentiated value-added products and services is essential to success in this role. Ideal candidates possess the aptitude to easily engage and establish rapport with executives and line of business professionals.

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Big Data and Advanced Analytics Internship Program

We are proud to introduce our new “Big Data and Advanced Analytics Internship Program” at Competitive Analytics and would like to invite both undergraduate and graduate students to apply. We strongly believe this is a tremendous supplemental learning opportunity for students in all fields of study. Another vital incentive – the majority of these positions are paid! Learn Alteryx, the leading platform for data blending and analytics; Learn Tableau, the leading software for data visualization; Work with “big data” and design interactive what-if dashboards; Develop custom business intelligence solutions; Collaborate on “real life” client analytics projects; Learn to develop innovative predictive modeling techniques; Learn to program geospatial demand models; Collaborate with top leaders in the analytics field; Work with software and databases valued well over $100,000; Evolve your data science expertise and evolve your resume.

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Business Intelligence Analysts

Competitive Analytics is avidly searching for extremely intelligent, detail-oriented, and proactive analysts, data scientists, and business intelligence analysts to join our team (and individuals wishing to grow into these roles). These positions require excellent interpersonal skills, strong speaking and writing skills, and very strong work ethic. This position reports directly to the Director of Analytics and will perform various tasks involving big data, advanced analytics, applied statistics, applied mathematics, interactive data visualization, programming, market analysis, and economic modeling tasks. Competitive Analytics is an innovative, high-tech, and dynamic working environment where analysts will work on a variety of advanced analytics, challenging client projects, and innovative business development initiatives . . . across all industries and spanning the entire business intelligence process. All analysts are required to work in our office (Costa Mesa, CA), with occasional field work and remote office opportunities possible.

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Web Data Extraction Specialist (i.e. Data Scrape Specialist)

Competitive Analytics is searching for talented data scientists who are passionate about the acquisition of data with strong skills and knowledge of web scraping, web services, file transfers, and everything data. This new role is a dedicated data scientist who will be assisting with designing and developing the tools, processes and infrastructure to extract large volumes of structured and unstructured data from a variety of database sources, primarily focusing on web data extraction AKA data scraping. At Competitive Analytics we believe data scraping is both an art and science, requiring innovative methodologies, deft programming skills, scientific ingenuity, and keen mathematical expertise. Our goal of providing clients with value-added data scraping also requires what we call creative analytics. Creative analytics requires the analyst to have the innate expertise and intuitive skill needed to transform raw data, decipher complex relationships, develop innovative algorithms, and design meaningful visualizations so that decision makers can truly make faster and better decisions in order to drive and sustain competitive advantage.

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Marketing, Business Development, Events Coordinator

This new position is responsible and accountable for developing, planning, coordinating, marketing, and hosting on-site events at our office (i.e. The DECIPHER™ Theater) as well as off-site events. This position reports directly to the CEO and will involve building relationships with the analytics community, industry executives, business partners, and marketing channel representatives. This position will be adept at email communication, telephone dialogue, one-on-on personal communication, social media, CRM, lead generation, client relations, and evolving strategic partnerships in order to ensure our events and business development initiatives are consistent with Competitive Analytics’ vision, strategies, and objectives.

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Executive Assistant / Personal Assistant to CEO

Competitive Analytics is searching for a very proactive and extremely detail-oriented Executive Assistant/Personal Assistant with excellent interpersonal skills, strong speaking and writing skills, and very strong work ethic. This position reports directly to the CEO/Founder and is responsible for all business and personal related duties as delegated by the CEO. This position will primarily provide comprehensive assistance to the CEO so he may focus on his primary responsibilities and maximize his time and effectiveness (i.e. responsible for a wide variety of administrative support duties). Competitive Analytics offers highly competitive compensation based on experience, talent, skill, expertise, knowledge, proven capabilities, and potential capabilities.

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