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We are economists and data scientists that help the world’s most successful organizations analyze their data and the competitive forces affecting them . . . with a customized business intelligence approach that addresses the challenges unique to each organization.





Our Recent Presentation On Developing Custom Predictive Analytics: "How to Build Scenario-Based Revenue + Expense Forecasts.”

This presentation illustrates how Competitive Analytics developed interactive what-if forecast models for Cetera Financial Group - one of the largest independent financial broker-dealers in the US. Moreover, we integrated both internal KPIs and external drivers such as correlative macro-economic indicators and key industry variables to dynamically refresh forecast scenarios automatically via ensemble modeling and machine learning algorithms. We also outline several key metaphors, philosophies, methodologies that drive the art and science of actionable predictive analytics!


Advanced Analytics

Price Optimization

Are the prices, premiums, and discounts you set for your products and services optimized to generate maximum profit for your business?

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Cost Minimization

Is your organization a lean mean machine? Are you wringing-out the maximum efficiency from all your resources and assets?

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Predictive Analytics

Do your predictive models deliver accurate macroeconomic outlooks, precision industry trends, and actionable company KPI forecasts?

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Demand Forecasting

Do you know the precise level of demand for all your products and services, now and in the future, so you can budget and plan ahead?

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Is your company maximizing the effectiveness and efficiencies of assets, operations, human resources, sales, distribution, supply, and technology?

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Performance Analytics

Are your BI dashboards accurately and quickly measuring your organization’s performance . . . and deciphering which market drivers you should track?

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Sales & Marketing Analytics

Are your sales and marketing functions driven by big data, advanced social media analytics, and customer analytics in order to maximize sales revenue?

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Risk Analytics

Are you deploying advanced analytics to identify and minimize your unsystematic risk as well as optimize your risk management activities?

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Geospatial Analytics

Can you visualize your business at the global, national, state, county, city, MSA, ZIP, and custom polygon levels? And decipher which CMAs to target?

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Product Segmentation

Do you know which products, services, features, amenities, and value dimensions your current and future customers will buy and why?

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Govt. Planning /

Econ. Dev.

For government decision makers at the state, county, or city level, are you deploying advanced analytics in order to significantly enhance quality of life?

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Employee Analytics

Do you get the best from your team? Who are your top performers? How can you recruit, empower, and motivate other employees to excel?

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Strategic Services

Quick Proof of Concept

Do you have challenging strategic initiatives and complex analytical projects? We conduct lightning fast QPOCs to help you realize next steps.

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BI & Analytics Concierge

Do you have a go-to resource that will accurately answer your data-driven questions within minutes or hours instead of days, weeks, or months?

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Competitive Intelligence

How well do you know your primary, secondary, and analogue competitors? Do you acquire vital competitive data to gain competitive advantages?

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Consumer Intelligence

Do you effectively gather and analyze buyer behaviors in order to build deeper customer relationships and maximize customer lifetime value?

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Full Service BI Solutions

Do you have all the vital business intelligence tools to transform your data into actionable intelligence so you can make better and faster decisions?

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Data Prep & Cleansing

Raw data is dirty, error-prone, and misleading. Are you perpetually cleaning, wrangling, blending, parsing, interpolating, and extrapolating data?

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Strategic Planning

Do you need to develop a data driven strategic business plan that evolves your company’s vision and also drives your day-to-day operations?

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Training & User Groups

Does your company want self-serve analytics? We are the “Center for Analytics & BI Excellence” and will help your firm gain analytical self sufficiency.

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IT Services

Is your “info technology” empowering C-Suite with actionable, easy-to-read dashboards and delivering effective software tools for your power users?

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Web Data Extraction

Valuable data resides on the open web. Are you perpetually extracting and analyzing vital competitive data to drive better and faster decisions?

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Do you need an expert speaker on economic trends, industry outlooks, BI, big data, analytics, consumer trends, innovation, or competitive strategy?

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Dashboarding & Reporting

All orgs have vital data that is not used in decision making. Are your reports, dashboards and auto-alerts timely, accurate, interactive, and actionable?

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Coming Soon!

A Completely New Series of User Groups and Symposiums Hosted by Competitive Analytics and University of California, Irvine


Alteryx Software Symposiums

Beginner • Intermediate • Expert

❖ Data Collection ❖ Data Transformation ❖ Data Blending ❖ Data Enrichment ❖ Descriptive Analytics ❖ Predictive Analytics ❖ Prescriptive Analytics

Tableau Software Symposiums

Beginner • Intermediate • Expert

※ Interactive Visualization ※ Dashboard Design ※ What-If Scenario Analytics ※ Story Telling ※ Dynamic Reporting ※ Advanced Charting

Predictive Analytics Symposiums

Beginner • Intermediate • Expert

✷ Time Series Forecasting ✷ Machine Learning (ML) ✷ Artificial Intelligence (AI) ✷ Ensemble Forecast Modeling ✷ Neural Networks

✪ Public User Group Events ✪

✪ Private Group Training ✪

✪ Private One-on-One ✪