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Advanced Analytics

Price Optimization

Are the prices, premiums, and discounts you set for your products and services optimized to generate maximum profit for your business?

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Cost Minimization

Is your organization a lean mean machine? Are you wringing-out the maximum efficiency from all your resources and assets?

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Predictive Analytics

Do your predictive models deliver accurate macroeconomic outlooks, precision industry trends, and actionable company KPI forecasts?

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Demand Forecasting

Do you know the precise level of demand for all your products and services, now and in the future, so you can budget and plan ahead?

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Is your company maximizing the effectiveness and efficiencies of assets, operations, human resources, sales, distribution, supply, and technology?

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Performance Analytics

Are your BI dashboards accurately and quickly measuring your organization’s performance . . . and deciphering which market drivers you should track?

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Sales & Marketing Analytics

Are your sales and marketing functions driven by big data, advanced social media analytics, and customer analytics in order to maximize sales revenue?

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Risk Analytics

Are you deploying advanced analytics to identify and minimize your unsystematic risk as well as optimize your risk management activities?

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Geospatial Analytics

Can you visualize your business at the global, national, state, county, city, MSA, ZIP, and custom polygon levels? And decipher which CMAs to target?

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Product Segmentation

Do you know which products, services, features, amenities, and value dimensions your current and future customers will buy and why?

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Govt. Planning /

Econ. Dev.

For government decision makers at the state, county, or city level, are you deploying advanced analytics in order to significantly enhance quality of life?

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Employee Analytics

Do you get the best from your team? Who are your top performers? How can you recruit, empower, and motivate other employees to excel?

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Strategic Services

Quick Proof of Concept

Do you have challenging strategic initiatives and complex analytical projects? We conduct lightning fast QPOCs to help you realize next steps.

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BI & Analytics Concierge

Do you have a go-to resource that will accurately answer your data-driven questions within minutes or hours instead of days, weeks, or months?

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Competitive Intelligence

How well do you know your primary, secondary, and analogue competitors? Do you acquire vital competitive data to gain competitive advantages?

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Consumer Intelligence

Do you effectively gather and analyze buyer behaviors in order to build deeper customer relationships and maximize customer lifetime value?

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Full Service BI Solutions

Do you have all the vital business intelligence tools to transform your data into actionable intelligence so you can make better and faster decisions?

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Data Prep & Cleansing

Raw data is dirty, error-prone, and misleading. Are you perpetually cleaning, wrangling, blending, parsing, interpolating, and extrapolating data?

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Strategic Planning

Do you need to develop a data driven strategic business plan that evolves your company’s vision and also drives your day-to-day operations?

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Training & User Groups

Does your company want self-serve analytics? We are the “Center for Analytics & BI Excellence” and will help your firm gain analytical self sufficiency.

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IT Services

Is your “info technology” empowering C-Suite with actionable, easy-to-read dashboards and delivering effective software tools for your power users?

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Web Data Extraction

Valuable data resides on the open web. Are you perpetually extracting and analyzing vital competitive data to drive better and faster decisions?

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Do you need an expert speaker on economic trends, industry outlooks, BI, big data, analytics, consumer trends, innovation, or competitive strategy?

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Dashboarding & Reporting

All orgs have vital data that is not used in decision making. Are your reports, dashboards and auto-alerts timely, accurate, interactive, and actionable?

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Coming Soon!

A Completely New Series of User Groups and Symposiums Hosted by Competitive Analytics and University of California, Irvine


Alteryx Software Symposiums

Beginner • Intermediate • Expert

❖ Data Collection ❖ Data Transformation ❖ Data Blending ❖ Data Enrichment ❖ Descriptive Analytics ❖ Predictive Analytics ❖ Prescriptive Analytics

Tableau Software Symposiums

Beginner • Intermediate • Expert

※ Interactive Visualization ※ Dashboard Design ※ What-If Scenario Analytics ※ Story Telling ※ Dynamic Reporting ※ Advanced Charting

Predictive Analytics Symposiums

Beginner • Intermediate • Expert

✷ Time Series Forecasting ✷ Machine Learning (ML) ✷ Artificial Intelligence (AI) ✷ Ensemble Forecast Modeling ✷ Neural Networks

✪ Public User Group Events ✪

✪ Private Group Training ✪

✪ Private One-on-One ✪