Sales and Marketing

Today’s top marketing and sales researchers are applying data and analytics to provide more efficient and effective strategies, as well as smarter customer outreach decisions. By utilizing the data you already have on customers, and previous and current marketing initiatives, we are able to create interactive models that better identify where funds should be allocated for new marketing campaigns, or which customers to target next.

Our analytics allow you to grasp a better and more comprehensive understanding of your industry, market, as well as your target customers and their wants and needs.

Analytics in Sales & Marketing


Customer Engagement

  • Maximize quality lead capture and customer engagement with data from mobile, laptop, and other forms of traffic.

  • Drive engagement and conversions by structuring and deriving actionable data from social media trends.

  • Gain the competitive edge by better understanding how your target customer acts and interacts online, where they get their information from, and communicate directly with them on these platforms.


Customer Loyalty

  • Incentivize repeat and prospective customers by providing relevant and compelling offers for specific stages of the funnel.

  • Keep buyers satisfied and customer service sentiment high by keeping track of customer interactions with the company, whether on or offline.

  • Increase chance of lifetime customers by determining which ones visit site most often, and how best to engage them while interacting with your company.


Return on Investment

  • Make effective decisions when investing in new technology and initiatives by identifying most profitable business tactics.

  • Determine most cost-effective and conversion-expanding marketing campaigns and initiatives

  • Drive visitors to awareness and conversions by using data analysis to optimize marketing campaigns.


Market Research

  • Identify the proper target market for your company and industry

  • Get innovative and actionable insight on consumer and industry trends, and adjust for profitability



  • Leverage competitor mistakes and implement more effective initiatives using data derived from data insight.

  • Effectively utilize sales and marketing budget and financially outperform competitors using data-driven evidence to identify optimal use and allocation of budgets.