Human Resources

Since the early days of human resources, the HR department has flourished into one that can give companies a sense of organization and structure. Through measuring employee performance, satisfaction and engagement, overseeing the hiring process, and optimizing training programs, HR is crucial to the smooth operating of any business.

All HR responsibilities are improved when applying data-driven analytics to assist with decision making, and can help maintain preparation at every stage of the process. Whether pre-qualifying candidates for a new position or identifying the key metrics that lead to increased productivity or underperformance, leveraging your HR department with data-based insight and advanced analytics will provide a more efficient and effective advantage.

With data-driven analytics, human resources department become a vital key to the company all together, by identifying strengths and weaknesses of new hires and existing employees, as well as performance of employees in the long-term. Our solutions help HR professionals better understand their own organizational processes, and establish strategies that will increase employee performance, satisfaction, and engagement.

Analytics in the Human Resources Department


Employee Performance Optimization

  • Maximize full work potential by measuring proper indicators and targeting optimal employee performance.

  • Keep employees focused on a common goal by analyzing and implementing specific performance targets and objectives.

  • Develop employee skill set and capabilities through predicting most efficient course of action.


Employee Satisfaction & Engagement

  • Promote positive engagement within your company by utilizing the right KPIs and metrics.

  • Hit peak productivity by maximizing employee motivation and minimizing perceived obstacles using interactive data-driven insights and factors.


Training Programs & Participation Outcomes

  • Implement optimal and effective training programs through using analytical data insights.

  • Enhance and reinforce employee training by creating specific training modules aimed at helping them get the personalized training they need.

  • Maximize performance outcomes using KPIs to test efficacy of current programs, and how to improve.


New Hire Automation

  • Save time on interviews by creating specialized tests and questionnaires to ensure the right person is being interviewed.

  • Screen prospective hires using data from social media accounts and records of previous employment to find the best fit.


Compensation and Benefit Plans

  • Strike balance between employee productivity and business operation by using data to identify optimal compensation and benefit plans.

  • Identify best fitting benefits and plans for your company, by scraping data from all local service providers.