Executives and Board of Directors

Executives and boards of directors are able to utilize the benefits of big data in many ways that other departments do, and can get more of a top-level view of the trends and patterns impacting their company. Key business decisions are best when they are rooted in facts, and analytics can give executives the information to make data driven choices for their organizations. By evaluated performance indicators such as budgets, performance data, and current policies, executives can use data to get a more comprehensive understanding of the circumstances. Competitive Analytics provides interactive dashboards wherein executives can get clear and actionable insights on how best to improve their business operations, and how to achieve the growth levels they envision.

Analytics for Executives and Boards of Directors


Performance of Product or Service

  • Evaluate the outcome of various strategies, and identify most effective ones.

  • Determine what products to roll out based on industry patterns and trends.

  • Identify specific needs and wants of prospective customers, and assess how best to increase conversion rate.


Annual Performance Evaluation

  • Analyze numerous reports to identify key factors and causes of outcomes to improve efficiency.

  • Improve on any operational or strategic inefficiencies as identified in reports.

  • Analyze employee performances, and identify who is under-performing and who is over-performing.


Budget and Audit Reports

  • Maintain accountability and compliancy across all auditing and budget reports.

  • Improve budget efficiency with data-driven decision making.


Current Policies and People Analytics

  • Identify impact and outcome of currently implemented policies, in regards to collaboration efforts, or worker satisfaction in the workplace.