Data Blending & Preparation


Optimal Solutions are found using Optimal Data

Data Services

One of the most critical and often laborious phases of data science is the janitorial job of preparing the data.

This stage is essential to sound analytics and is often the biggest roadblock to getting started.

Data Blending

A big challenge for most organizations is how to combine data held in different IT systems. Competitive Analytics can easily blend data sets together from almost any data source and in any format.

Data Preparation

This stage can take organizations months or years and still not be done correctly. Competitive Analytics has a proven methodology to quickly and effectively clean and prepare data for the analytics stage. This involves cleaning, blending, joining, parsing, cross-tabulating, interpolating, extrapolating, scraping, downloading, mining, wrangling.

DECIPHER™ Data Store

We don’t analyze an organizations data in a vacuum, but rather consider the external forces affecting it. To this end, we maintain a Data Library containing hundreds of thousands of external time series data (i.e. economic, demographic and other public and private data) properly prepared for the analytics stage.

Web Data Extraction (AKA “Web Scraping”)

The internet holds a treasure trove of competitive data. Competitive Analytics has a proven process to extract or “scrape” data from websites. We then prepare, analyze and report the data for a specific use case.

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