Dashboards & Reporting

Timely, accurate, interactive, and actionable answers

Dashboard & Reporting Services

Our goal for every project is to deliver dashboards that are simple and intuitive and enable our clients to get answers to their questions in 10 seconds or less.


We use leading visualization software

Competitive Analytics develops custom dashboards and advanced reports using leading visualization software, such as Tableau and Roambi.


Dynamic dashboards enable you to stay up-to-date with the latest information

Dashboards can be automated with real time data or as frequently as desired.


We provide interactive dashboards with drillable data

Executives are able to answer important questions immediately through the interactive functionality of our dashboards, eliminating the time-consuming hassle of waiting for standard, one-off reports to be produced.


Play with scenarios and answer “What-If” questions

Interactivity gives the ability to “play” with the data, alter assumptions, and create best- and worst-case scenarios to ensure the best decisions are being made. Executives can drill down or change parameters on the fly so they can discover insights immediately.

Want to know more?

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