Customer Service

Customer service provides users and clients with positive personal interactions, while also addressing any questions or concerns they may have. While this is typically a service done through face-to-face or human interaction, customer service departments can create unique, quality experiences with information supplemented by analytical insight.

Analytics in Customer Service


Service Performance Data

  • Improve customer service by identifying trends in customer needs, wants, and responses.

  • Track employee performance metrics and determine how and where more training is necessary.


Response Rate

  • Improve customer service and interactions by analyzing data from customer response rates.

  • Maximize optimal response types from employees to provide comprehensive service.

  • Streamline communication between company and customers by using analytics to determine breakdowns and shortcomings in the process.


CRM Information

  • Maximize CRM potential by analyzing lead and opportunity pipelines.

  • Increase conversion rate by using data-based information to identify potential opportunities at the right place in the funnel.

  • Ensure client relations data remains recent and updated, and determine optimal next steps to communicating with them.