DECIPHER™ Case Study 05:
Western National Group


Comprehensive Data, Advanced Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Business Intelligence Solutions


Over the last 15 years, CA deliver extremely accurate forecasts of all vital KPIs that empowered WNG leadership to plan for downshifts and upshifts in order to take advantage of shift in market dynamics before other apartment communities.


WNG consists of 3 divisions: Western National Property Management (WNPM), Western National Builders (WNB), and Western National Properties (WNP).

WNPM – For over 40 years,WNPM has excelled at providing value and service to property owners and residents in our communities. With more than 25,000 units in over 145 apartment communities throughout California and Arizona, Western National is among the largest multifamily property management companies in the Western United States. Our core competency encompasses all aspects of Property Management. We are experts in: Leasing and Retention, On-site Management, Maintenance and Asset Preservation, Resident Relations, Due Diligence and Property Assessment, Accurate Owner Reporting, Maximizing Rent and Minimizing Vacancies. WNPM is unique based on: In-depth understanding of client goals, Innovative marketing and leasing programs that enhance revenue, Aggressive cost containment programs, Best trained staff in the industry, Standardized processes, State-of-the-art information systems, Focus on value appreciation.

WNB – WNG’s construction company responsible for ground-up construction, existing property renovation/rehab and ongoing capital expenditure execution for Western National and selected clients. Western National Builders brings expertise in multifamily construction and property renovation. An extensive understanding of construction methods enables WNB to build into each project the most cost-effective solutions for the long-term reduction of property maintenance expenses and repair of existing buildings. This foundation of knowledge and experience is key to understanding the processes needed for the successful renovation of existing buildings; limiting the exposure and creating substantial additional value for the property. WNB has developed and built more than 15,000 apartment units in a wide scope of product types in numerous markets. Western National is currently building over 4,000 units. Our core competencies are: Ground-up Construction (Podium, Garden Style on Grade, Mid/High Rise), Existing Property Renovation / Rehab, Capital Expenditure Execution, WNB is unique based on: Pure construction focus, Consistent activity over many years in numerous housing cycles, Extensive architect relationships, Substantial repeat subcontractor relationships, critical during volatile commodity pricing periods, Long track record of building communities for leading multifamily owners, Keen sensitivity to property operating issues and efficiencies due to our integrated firm.

WNP – The multifamily investment company within Western National representing the ownership interest in real estate properties. WNP contains the acquisition, development, investment management and asset management functions. WNP is the opportunistic multifamily real estate investment company within Western National that represents the ownership interests in real estate properties. The group consists of a seasoned team of professionals with experience in acquisitions, development, investment management, asset management, and finance. Our mandate is provide our investors with superior risk-adjusted returns by acquiring and developing quality multifamily communities in markets that feature strong economic and demographic fundamentals. Having successfully acquired and developed a variety of distinctive product types within diverse market areas, WNP uses its established relationships and extensive experience to source additional investment opportunities. WNP has become recognized for innovative approaches to generating multifamily investment opportunities and consistently achieve the desired financial goals. Our 3 core disciplines are: Acquisitions, Development, Investment Management. WNP is unique based on Extensive multifamily investment experience, Superb, multi-cycle track record, Impeccable reputation for integrity and multifamily knowledge, Multidisciplinary experience, teamwork and enthusiasm, Steady growth orientation matched with a long-term hold philosophy.


WNG unique competitive advantages (as outlined above) required an equally rigorous flow of competitive data and analytics. Not desirous of attempting to build an internal analytics department, WNG sought a preeminent niche firm that was innovate yet extremely nimble to accommodate a their unique business needs and processes which wold require deep customizability.


Over a decade ahead of companies even hearing about business intelligence and making decisions based on a more analytically robust process, Mike Hayde of WNG formed a long term partnership with Competitive Analytics to analyze WNG’s business from all dimensions and develop accurate business planning tools in order to anticipate industry trends, demand and supply dynamics, forecasts and budgets.


Over the last 15 years, CA deliver extremely accurate forecasts of all vital KPIs that empowered WNG leadership to plan for downshifts and upshifts in order to take advantage of shift in market dynamics before other apartment communities.

Return on Analytics


“Since early 2000, Western National Property Management has engaged Competitive Analytics to assist in developing quantitative andqualitative forecasts specific to the Southern California apartment market, and to assist in forecasting strategic and tactical plans for ourclients’ properties. The information garnered from this annual analysis is an integral component of our annual budgeting and business planprocess. Due to the proven track record of Competitive Analytics with regard to our portfolio, we have come to rely on their insights andobservations about the economic climate that directly impacts how we do business. Competitive Analytics is an intelligence firm thatconducts comprehensive market research and precision analytics. They employ a myriad of innovative methodologies and technology toproduce objective, evidence–based market knowledge to assist companies to reach higher levels of performance and profitability.”

– Laura Khouri, President

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