Advanced Analytics

From data to decisions


Not all analytics are created equal

Competitive Analytics has proven over decades that it can deliver highly sophisticated analytics all along the value chain to enable clients to make better decisions.

The foundation for our highly robust analytical methodology is our expertise in econometrics, advanced statistics, applied mathematics, and data science. We leverage the most cutting-edge and powerful software to deliver robust solutions.



Case Studies

Descriptive Analytics

What happened?

See how we used descriptive analytics to enable a regional utilities company to learn how their commerical customers are using energy.



Diagnostic Analytics

Why is it happening?

Case study coming soon!


Predictive Analytics

What will happen?

See how we used predictive analytics to develop accurate forecasting tools for Honda’s Research and Development team.

Prescriptive Analytics

What should we do?

See how we used prescriptive analytics to guide the City of Ontario in the redevelopment of their downtown district.