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What is a QPOC (Quick Proof of Concept)?
According to techopedia.com, “A proof of concept (POC) is a demonstration, the purpose of which is to verify that certain concepts or theories have the potential for real-world application. POC is therefore a prototype that is designed to determine feasibility, but does not represent deliverables. Proof of concept is also known as proof of principle. Proof of concept is a term with various interpretations in different areas. POC in software development describes distinct processes with different objectives and participant roles. POC may also refer to partial solutions involving a small number of users acting in business roles to establish whether a system satisfies certain requirements. The overall objective of POC is to find solutions to technical problems, such as how systems can be integrated or throughput can be achieved through a given configuration. In the business world, POC is how startups demonstrate that a product is financially viable. POC involves extensive research and review and is submitted as a single package to concerned parties. It includes examination of the revenue model, in which companies show projected revenue from products and services, and indicate development cost, long-term finance projections and how much the service costs to maintain and market. It’s an excellent way for a business to evaluate itself internally and at proposed acquisitions and projects. POC in digital arts and short films or animations requires making minimalist prototypes to determine whether a device works properly and is viable.”
Why do I need a QPOC?
In the new world of big data and advanced analytics, executives realize they need better data-driven analytical tools, yet often are risk-averse when they compare the daunting investment they often are faced with (without any “proof” that a specific analytical project or initiative will work or realize an acceptable payoff. Thus, by conducting a QPOC, a modest investment is made, turnaround project timing is ultra-fast, and executives can see the proof in the pudding before committing substantial investment in moving forward. As an example, Competitive Analytics delivered a QPOC to Toyota over one weekend, which laid the groundwork and provided more than enough evidence for Toyota executives to move forward with a much larger advanced analytics initiative.
Why Choose Competitive Analytics for a QPOC?
Well, for starters, we formalized the term and process for conducting a QPOC! In essence, our QPOC fast-tracks a clients typical requirements for needing something that they wanted delivered yesterday! Instead of the typical consultant who requires numerous weeks and months (or even years) to develop anything usable, Competitive Analytics develops a viable/usable product within days so the client has a workable value added product in which a feasible roadmap to navigate next steps can be followed immediately, either internally or with Competitive Analytics.
About Our QPOC (Quick Proof of Concept)
It is estimated that over 85% of all BI, IT, and analytics projects fail to meet objectives and deliver significant value. Why? Because the typical “consultant” will push to sell you the largest project for the highest possible fee . . . and undoubtedly, will require extremely long lead times, require significant upfront investment, and yet, will not require any proof of actionable or usable value until the project ends.
In essence, our QPOC empowers our clients to see results first within a rapid turnaround time that is extremely cost effective. Think hours and days instead of months, quarters, and years. This process of “dating before we get married” will drive a much more confident decision for you and your team BEFORE investing in a significant advanced analytics initiative.
In stark contrast, Competitive Analytics takes a much more innovative and counterintuitive approach. When engaging with a new client, we offer to initially conduct our Quick Proof of Concept (“QPOC”): Here are our 6 key steps we typically complete in less than one week:
1. Sign MNDA. Due to the potentially sensitive and confidential nature of your data, we’ll sign a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.
2. Analyze your raw data in context to your vision and objectives. Often times this involves utilizing a sample of your entire data set. We will also clean, map, interpolate, extrapolate, and “run” this data through a myriad of our custom analytics models.
3. Develop prototype “proof of concept” deliverables. These are actionable, interactive, and insightful “analytics dashboards.” Our ultimate objective is to answer any question regarding your data in 10 seconds or less.
4. Correlate potential external data and analytics. This “contextual overlay” might include aggregate and granular level demographics, psychometrics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, firmographics, competitive intelligence, web data extraction, etc.
5. Present a working prototype.
6. Strategize potential next steps.
In terms of our QPOC fee structure, it is both simple and transparent. QPOCs are typically offered in “blocks” of 20 hours, with typical QPOCs ranging from 1 to 5 blocks. Our current blended hourly rate of $250/hour is commensurate with numerous client engagements we’ve successfully completed for Fortune 500 companies as well as SMBs.
  • Thank you for another informative forecast session. We find it provides an excellent perspective. Many thanks for the invaluable insights. Given the outstanding feedback from clients and caliber of your lecture, I would like to extend you through the next 6 months. Please let me know if you can accommodate.

    Director, The Landing For Men of Newport Beach
  • One of the high points of my job is from time to time having the good fortune to experience phenomenal business structures and intellectually driven individuals. You definitely fit both of these in spades.

    General Manager, South Coast Plaza/C.J. Segerstrom
  • Thank you again for presenting at our council meeting. We were all very impressed by you and your company’s service.

    Executive Director, IREM Orange County
  • Simply stated, CA exceeded our expectations on all projects. With CA’s passion for accuracy, obsession with using the latest cutting-edge technology, and devotion to client service, I strongly recommend without hesitation the selection of CA as the top choice among market consultants in business today.

    VP Sales and Marketing, SunCal Companies
  • A few weeks ago I sent our friends at Competitive Analytics our monthly report to import into a new iPad tool they created. WOW! It is amazing how they turned an almost impossible collection of data into an intuitive one with built-in analyzers for your iPad!

    Director of Sales & Technology, NES Rentals
  • Competitive Analytics’ approach and methodology is well beyond any firm we experienced. They utilize advanced mathematics and proprietary software in order to assist us with specifically identifying revenue maximization and product optimization. Needless to say, they were worth their fee.

    Chief Financial Officer, Boeing Realty Corp.
  • We use a company called Competitive Analytics to provide projections, trends and metrics based on the information from our own actual results as well as other companies. We have found that this firm is significantly more accurate than any of the other “Economic Forecast” that are done in Southern California.

    Vice President, Business Development, Western National Group
  • When I need comprehensive economic analysis, precision market research, and strategic advice with measurable results, I call David Savlowitz at Competitive Analytics. Competitive Analytics has completed an array of demand studies, pricing studies, forecasting, and qualitative research for our company; and on each and every occasion CA provided phenomenal deliverables that added much insight and value to our business.

    Division President, KB Home
  • Since early 2000, Western National Property Management has engaged Competitive Analytics to assist in developing quantitative and qualitative forecasts specific to the Southern California apartment market, and to assist in forecasting strategic and tactical plans for our clients’ properties. The information garnered from this annual analysis is an integral component of our annual budgeting and business plan process. Due to the proven track record of Competitive Analytics with regard to our portfolio, we have come to rely on their insights and observations about the economic climate that directly impacts how we do business. Competitive Analytics is an intelligence firm that conducts comprehensive market research and precision analytics.  They employ a myriad of innovative methodologies and technology to produce objective, evidence-based market knowledge to assist companies to reach higher levels of performance and profitability.

    President, Western National Group