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DECIPHER’s “City Analyzer” Launches

September 9, 2010

Premiering Sept. 15-17 2010 at the San Diego Convention Center

Specifically designed (and named) for delivering unparalleled city analytics, DECIPHER’s “City Analyzer” will be unveiled at The League of California Cities’ Annual Conference in San Diego from September 15 to 17. If you have not already registered for this event, please click here. If you are not attending but would like a live or virtual demo, please contact us.

Leveraging off of DECIPHER’s proprietary technology, City Analyzer empowers users to acquire an incredible level of insight and foresight at the City, ZIP, Tract, Radii, and polygon level. Decision makers, policy makers, and thought leaders throughout government, business, and academia will be capable of truly understand the demand and supply dynamics of “high performing cities” that deliver SEQOL (“Significantly Enhancing Quality of Life”).  How does City Analytics do this? By allowing you to effortlessly analyze, overlay, correlate, and forecast any variable and indicator that directly and indirectly affects a city – such as demographics, psychographics, micro-economics, socio-economics, residential and commercial real estate, redevelopment scenarios, open space allocations, government services, and much more.

See for your self! DECIPHER and City Analyzer will be at Booth 1119. Below is map and Demo Schedule. For a PDF version, click this link: DECIPHER and City Analyzer at Booth 1119.pdf

After three years of research, design, and programming, DECIPHER encapsulates a series of proprietary models installed on your computer empowering you to collect, analyze, rank, overlay, valuate, benchmark, and forecast HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of demand and supply drivers, market indicators, economic trends, demographics, psychographics, pricing and cost data, geo-submarket data, competitive metrics, project performance data, corporate metrics, ratios, formulas, indices, and custom data . . . in seconds.