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DECIPHER™ Launches

July 1, 2010

We are extremely proud of launching “DECIPHER” – an innovative software program that re-visions how market intelligence and economic analysis should be conducted.

After three years of research, design, and programming, DECIPHER encapsulates a series of proprietary models installed on your computer empowering you to collect, analyze, rank, overlay, valuate, benchmark, and forecast HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of demand and supply drivers, market indicators, economic trends, demographics, psychographics, pricing and cost data, geo-submarket data, competitive metrics, project performance data, corporate metrics, ratios, formulas, indices, and custom data . . . in seconds.

For a complete orientation of DECIPHER Powered By Competitive Analytics, click here.

Click here for a synthesize Introduction to DECIPHER via Slideshare.

Moreover, DECIPHER is not just a powerful analytical software tool . . . DECIPHER also provides three additional “meta-features” that executive decision makers within any industry, government, or academic setting desperately need: precision data that is screened and updated every day, week, and month after being acquired from the most reliable data sources, contextual training and education for significant time and cost savings, and customizable reporting for near-infinite visualization options for “seeing” information how you need to see it. In essence, DECIPHER is not just a powerful analytical software tool, precision data source, educational platform, and reporting mechanism . . . but all four.