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Alteryx Spatial Analytics
Did you know Alteryx can help you understand how location matters to your business? By adding powerful geospatial and location intelligence to the same, intuitive analytic workflow you’re already using, you can use drive times, trade areas, spatial matching, and point creation to:


• Associate customers with your nearest store or office


• Tailor marketing campaigns to improve ROI


• Predict location performance with higher accuracy


What’s more, you can easily output the results to mapping and visualization tools, such as Tableau, Qlik, ESRI, and MapInfo.
Step-by-Step Spatial Analytics Training
Many decisions require an understanding of location. This demonstration outlines how Alteryx can take customer data files and add spatial or location intelligence without having to use a specialist tool or wait for specialist users. Additionally, the demonstration shows how Alteryx can very easily output to a variety of formats, including Tableau. Download a 14 day free trial below to follow along.
Great Clips Case Study: Using spatial analytics to make better, location-based decisions
Alteryx supports Great Clips’ growth strategy with site selection and location analytics. Great Clips wanted to better support its growth strategy by accelerating the new site assessment and selection process for its franchise salons while also reducing overall costs. Download the Great Clips Case Study to learn more about how Great Clips uses Alteryx to put analytics in the hands of its real estate managers with an easy-to-use, fast and accurate way to find and qualify all potential new franchise locations.