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Advanced Analytics

Price Optimization

Are the prices, premiums, and discounts you set for your products and services optimized to generate maximum profit for your business?

Predictive Analytics

Do your predictive models deliver accurate macroeconomic outlooks, precision industry trends, and actionable company KPI forecasts?

Performance Analytics

Are your BI dashboards accurately and quickly measuring your organization’s performance . . . and deciphering which market drivers you should track?


Is your company maximizing the effectiveness and efficiencies of assets, operations, human resources, sales, distribution, supply, and technology?

Cost Minimization

Is your organization a lean mean machine? Are you wringing-out the maximum efficiency from all your resources and assets?

Sales & Marketing Analytics

Are your sales and marketing functions driven by big data, advanced social media analytics, and customer analytics in order to maximize sales revenue?

Demand Forecasting

Do you know the precise level of demand for all your products and services, now and in the future, so you can budget and plan ahead?

Geospatial Analytics

Can you visualize your business at the global, national, state, county, city, MSA, ZIP, and custom polygon levels? And decipher which CMAs to target?

Product Segmentation

Do you know which products, services, features, amenities, and value dimensions your current and future customers will buy and why?

Risk Analytics

Are you deploying advanced analytics to identify and minimize your unsystematic risk as well as optimize your risk management activities?

Govt. Planning/Econ. Dev.

For government decision makers at the state, county, or city level, are you deploying advanced analytics in order to significantly enhance quality of life?

Employee Analytics

Do you get the best from your team? Who are your top performers? How can you recruit, empower, and motivate other employees to excel?
Strategic Services

Quick Proof of Concept

Do you have challenging strategic initiatives and complex analytical projects? We conduct lightning fast QPOCs to help you realize next steps.

BI & Analytics Concierge

Do you have a go-to resource that will accurately answer your data-driven questions within minutes or hours instead of days, weeks, or months?

Competitive Intelligence

How well do you know your primary, secondary, and analogue competitors? Do you acquire vital competitive data to gain competitive advantages?

Consumer Intelligence

Do you effectively gather and analyze buyer behaviors in order to build deeper customer relationships and maximize customer lifetime value?

Full Service BI Solutions

Do you have all the vital business intelligence tools to transform your data into actionable intelligence so you can make better and faster decisions?

IT Services

Is your “info technology” empowering C-Suite with actionable, easy-to-read dashboards and delivering effective software tools for your power users?

Data Prep & Cleansing

Raw data is dirty, error-prone, and misleading. Are you perpetually cleaning, wrangling, blending, parsing, interpolating, and extrapolating data?

Web Data Extraction

Valuable data resides on the open web. Are you perpetually extracting and analyzing vital competitive data to drive better and faster decisions?

Strategic Planning

Do you need to develop a data driven strategic business plan that evolves your company’s vision and also drives your day-to-day operations?


Do you need an expert speaker on economic trends, industry outlooks, BI, big data, analytics, consumer trends, innovation, or competitive strategy?

Training & User Groups

Does your company want self-serve analytics? We are the “Center for Analytics & BI Excellence” and will help your firm gain analytical self sufficiency.

Dashboarding & Reporting

All orgs have vital data that is not used in decision making. Are your reports, dashboards and auto-alerts timely, accurate, interactive, and actionable?
Hosted User Groups

Alteryx User Group

Southern California

Tableau User Group

Orange County

Predictive Analytics User Group

Southern California
  • Thank you for another informative forecast session. We find it provides an excellent perspective. Many thanks for the invaluable insights. Given the outstanding feedback from clients and caliber of your lecture, I would like to extend you through the next 6 months. Please let me know if you can accommodate.

    Director, The Landing For Men of Newport Beach
  • One of the high points of my job is from time to time having the good fortune to experience phenomenal business structures and intellectually driven individuals. You definitely fit both of these in spades.

    General Manager, South Coast Plaza/C.J. Segerstrom
  • Thank you again for presenting at our council meeting. We were all very impressed by you and your company’s service.

    Executive Director, IREM Orange County
  • Simply stated, CA exceeded our expectations on all projects. With CA’s passion for accuracy, obsession with using the latest cutting-edge technology, and devotion to client service, I strongly recommend without hesitation the selection of CA as the top choice among market consultants in business today.

    VP Sales and Marketing, SunCal Companies
  • A few weeks ago I sent our friends at Competitive Analytics our monthly report to import into a new iPad tool they created. WOW! It is amazing how they turned an almost impossible collection of data into an intuitive one with built-in analyzers for your iPad!

    Director of Sales & Technology, NES Rentals
  • Competitive Analytics’ approach and methodology is well beyond any firm we experienced. They utilize advanced mathematics and proprietary software in order to assist us with specifically identifying revenue maximization and product optimization. Needless to say, they were worth their fee.

    Chief Financial Officer, Boeing Realty Corp.
  • We use a company called Competitive Analytics to provide projections, trends and metrics based on the information from our own actual results as well as other companies. We have found that this firm is significantly more accurate than any of the other “Economic Forecast” that are done in Southern California.

    Vice President, Business Development, Western National Group
  • When I need comprehensive economic analysis, precision market research, and strategic advice with measurable results, I call David Savlowitz at Competitive Analytics. Competitive Analytics has completed an array of demand studies, pricing studies, forecasting, and qualitative research for our company; and on each and every occasion CA provided phenomenal deliverables that added much insight and value to our business.

    Division President, KB Home
  • Since early 2000, Western National Property Management has engaged Competitive Analytics to assist in developing quantitative and qualitative forecasts specific to the Southern California apartment market, and to assist in forecasting strategic and tactical plans for our clients’ properties. The information garnered from this annual analysis is an integral component of our annual budgeting and business plan process. Due to the proven track record of Competitive Analytics with regard to our portfolio, we have come to rely on their insights and observations about the economic climate that directly impacts how we do business. Competitive Analytics is an intelligence firm that conducts comprehensive market research and precision analytics.  They employ a myriad of innovative methodologies and technology to produce objective, evidence-based market knowledge to assist companies to reach higher levels of performance and profitability.

    President, Western National Group